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Sholokhov Alexander Mikhailovich

was born on January, 25, 1962, in Moscow.

He graduated from the Biology and Soil Faculty of the State Rostov University (1984), Law School of the State Rostov Economic Academy (1999), completed his postgraduate studies in the Moscow State M.V.Lomonosov University (1988) and got a degree in Biological Sciences (1989).

Since 1989 he has been living permanently in Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya and working in the National M.A.Sholokhov Museum-Reserve: as head of the landscape art department in 1989–1997, as deputy director for cultural and business connections in 1997–2001, and as director of the Museum-Reserve since 2001.

Alexander Mikhailovich is a grandson of the great Russian writer M.A.Sholokhov.

Under the leadership of A.M.Sholokhov the Museum border and area of protected landscape zone were approved, a comprehensive scientific survey of its territory was carried out; a large scale complex of events to celebrate the 100th anniversary of M.A.Sholokhov was developed and implemented in 2005. The jubilee literary and folklore holiday “Sholokhov Spring” was joined by V.V.Putin, the President of the Russian Federation.

A.M.Sholokhov participated in the promotion of the Museum-Reserve exhibition activity in Russia and abroad. The exhibitions of Sholokhov Museum were displayed in Cuba, China, Spain, Peru, Argentina and in different parts of our country. Under the project of “Museum in the Museum” the best museums exhibited their collections in the People’s House in Vyoshenskaya.

Alexander Sholokhov is the distinguished talented leader and organizer. Under his guidance the Museum-Reserve has become one of the leading cultural centres in Russia, gained a worldwide fame and recognition. In 2006, the Museum-Reserve of M.A.Sholokhov was included into the State Code of the Most Valuable Objects of Cultural Heritage of the People’s of the Russian Federation, got the Certificate of the international conference “The Best in Heritage” (Dubrovnik, Croatia) for the valuable contribution into the process of preservation of the world cultural heritage and was admitted to the International Excellence Club.

A.M.Sholokhov is the author of the creative concept “Open Air Novel”of the National M.A.Sholokhov Museum-Reserve, which gained the world recognition. In one of his interviews he underlined:”We, contemporaries, create the Open Air Novel together realizing new educational projects, restoring monuments of culture, reviving traditions and preserving folklore…” Such approach opens interesting prospects for the Museum-Reserve.

A.M.Sholokhov is the author of the idea and artistic concept of the all-Russian literary and folklore holiday “Sholokhov Spring” bearing an international status, the children literary folklore holiday “Vyoshenskiye Vesnushki”, the literary and ethnographic holiday “Kruzhilin Toloki “ and big publishing projects.

On the initiative of A.M.Sholokhov, a new version of the official Museum-Reserve website was created to show the interrelation of the unique natural landscape of the Don region and a special literary environment. A.M.Sholokhov is the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the international scientific and practical conferences: “Sholokhov Readings” (annually since 2001),”Museum-Reserve: Environment and Culture” (biennially since 2004); the chairman of the Museum-Reserve editorial board of the book of collected scientific papers “Vyoshensky Vestnik” (since 2001) and “Museum-Reserve Ecology and Culture” (since 2004), the book of collected teaching materials “Sholokhov Museum for Children” (since 2012), deputy chairman of the editorial board of “Sholokhov Encyclopaedia” (2013); a member of the editorial boards of scientific publications: M.A.Sholokhov. Letters. Moscow, World Literature Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2003; Mikhail Sholokhov: Chronicle of the Life and Work (materials for the biography). Moscow, 2005, and others.

Social Activities

  • Member of the Council for Culture and Arts under the President of Russian Federation (since 2012);
  • Member of the Presidium of the Council in Culture and Arts under the President of the Russian Federation (since 2014), heads the interagency commission on «Preservation, Use and Promotion of the Historic and Cultural Heritage, Development of the Cultural and Educational Tourism»;
  • Member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation (since 2012) working in the Commission for Culture and Preservation of Historic and Cultural heritage;
  • Vice-President of the ICOM of Russia (since 2009);
  • Member of the Presidium of the Union of Russian Museums (since 2009);
  • Member of the Organizing Committee of the International Festival of Museums “Intermuseum” (2011, 2012, 2013);
  • Member of the Rostov Region Public Chamber (since 2011) working in the Commission for Education, Science, Culture, Preservation of Spiritual Heritage, National Politics and Cossack Affairs.
  • Member of the Council for Culture and Arts under the Head of the Rostov Region Administration (the Governor) (since 2012);
  • Member of the Rostov Region Interagency Coordinating Council on Tourism (since 2012);
  • Deputy of the Rostov Region Legislative Assembly (2003–2008);

A.M.Sholokhov was awarded the Prize of the Russian Federation Government in the field of culture (2011), the National Prize “Cultural Heritage” in the nomination of “Keeper” (2011).

For the contribution into museum development and preservation of the cultural heritage of Russia M.A.Sholokhov was awarded including:

- Gratitude of the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation (2002);
- Medal “For the 100th Anniversary of M.A.Sholokhov (2005);
- Medal “Honour and Good” of the International Fund ”Patrons of the Century” (2005);
- Medal of the Order “For Merit for the Motherland” of the II Degree (2007);
- Medal “For Outstanding Contribution into the Russian Tourism Development” (2007);
- Medal “For Valiant Work” (2007);
- Diploma of the RF Ministry of Culture (2009);
- Medal of the Order “For Merits for the Rostov Region” (2012).


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