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Research Work

A Conference: “Museum-Reserve: Ecology and Culture”

The International scientific-practical conference “Museum-Reserve: Ecology and Culture” has been held in the Museum of M.A. Sholokhov since 2004. It is participated by specialists of museum-reserves, national parks, as well as other scientific institutions and organizations engaged in the studies and complex preservation of the cultural and natural heritage.

The main subjects of the conference:

  • Museumfication and problems of preservation of the historic and cultural heritage structures;
  • Environmental monitoring on the territories of the museum-reserves, national parks and other cherished territories;
  • Improvement in the approaches to keeping the RF Red List of Threatened Species;
  • Ecological education;
  • Garden-park construction and landscape design;
  • The image of nature in Russian literature;
  • Cultural-ecological and ethnographic tourism: problems and prospects of development.

The forum organizers: The State M.A. Sholokhov Museum-Reserve, the Russian Scientific Research Institute of the Cultural and Natural Heritage named after D.S. Likhachov, the Committee on the Environment preservation and natural resources of the Rostov Region Administration.

The conference proceedings are published in the book “Museum-Reserve: Ecology and Culture”.

The conference is held once in two years.