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From the History of the House of Martyn Brothers

The House of Martyn Brothers, an object of historical and cultural heritage of Federal significance, is located in: 125/69 Bolshaya Sadovaya Str., Rostov-on-Don.

The House was built in 1893, by an architect N.M.Sokolov, in the centre of the former fortress of Saint Dimitry Rostovsky (1761–1835), an important part of the historic territory of Rostov.

Before the October Revolution the house was in possession of the family of I.R.Martyn, a British subject, the founder of the company “John Martyn and Company”. The owners of the house were: from 1893 – Ivan Romanovich Martyn, the founder of the company “John Martyn and Company”; then his children: from 1906– Polina, from 1908 – Vasily and Georgy, from 1915 –Vasily, Georgy and Ivan.

In 1920, the building was nationalized. In different years there were housed communal apartments, offices, shops and public organizations. The years of its exploitation resulted in a significant loss: the premises underwent redevelopment, the details of the decoration were destroyed.

By the Resolution of the Head of the Rostov Region Administration, № 69 of March, 14, 1994, the house was taken under protection as a historical and cultural monument of local importance.

According to the Presidential Decree of the Russian Federation № 176 of February, 20, 1995, the building was included into the list of objects of the historical and cultural heritage of federal importance. In 2003, the building was transferred to the jurisdiction of the State Technical Commission of the President of the Russian Federation in the Southern Federal District.

In 2007, the mansion being in a dangerous condition was handed over to the National M.A.Sholokhov Museum-Reserve. To recover the historical appearance of the monument, which is of historical and architectural value as the only one of its kind, made in the Pseudo-Gothic style, in 2008–2014 its reconstruction was carried out.

In 2015, in the House of Martyn Brothers, “Sholokhov-Centre” of the Museum-Reserve of M.A.Sholokhov was opened.

Restoration Chronicle

2008. Scientific and project documentation was designed to meet the reconstruction of the lost architectural elements and details on the basis of the extant analogues and documentary photographs. A positive resolution of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Rosgosekspertiza” was received.

2009. According to the investigation results the building foundations were reinforced by means of performing CFA piles.

2010. Replacement of the wooden interfloor coverings by monolithic reinforced concrete ones; construction of the roof; reconstruction of the marquee spire and the spires of the dormer windows.

2011. Masonry restoration, replacement of the external system of plumbing and sewerage, and heating networks.

2012. Internal furnish of premises, arrangement of floors, installation of the staircase constructions.

2013. Strengthening the foundations of the terrace and its building; granite covering of the floors; installation of lighting devices. 

2014. Restoration of the facades and balconies; restoration of the stove mirrors; recreation of the forged gates and installation of lanterns.

2015. Opening of “Sholokhov-Centre”.