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National Sholokhov Museum-Reserve provides accommodation in the guest house for 20 beds and in the hotel complex “Kazachiy Kuren” for 10 beds. There is a garage, car parking, with a nonstop security provided.

Guests are provided with meals including tasting the traditional Cossack cuisine.

The guest house is a threestorey cottage.

On the ground floor there is a kitchen, a furnished sitting-room with a TV-set, a fireplace room, a lavatory, a bathroom; on the first floor there are 4 separate rooms, a lavatory, a bathroom; on the second floor there are 2 separate rooms, a lavatory, a bathroom; on the third floor there are 2 separate rooms, a lavatory, a bathroom.

The 2, 3, 4 –bed rooms, according to the guests’ wish, can be rearranged into double rooms. The sitting-room, fireplace room, living-rooms are equipped with air conditioning devices.

The guest house of the Museum is convenient for business meetings and talks.

The hotel complex “Kazachiy Kuren” is situated in the centre of Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya near the Estate of M.A. Sholokhov. It is a Cossack estate reconstructed according to the archive materials and photographs.

There are 6 rooms with all conveniences: in the “kuren” (house) there is a single room, a double room and an apartment de luxe; in the wing there is a single room and 2 double rooms.

In the “kuren” there is the telephone, TV-set, a kitchen, a dining-room with a Russian stove. In the yard there is a Cossack summer house.

For information about accommodation and excursion service, please, contact with the excursion department by tel./fax: (86353) 21-0-62; e-mail: tourism@veshki.donpac.ru

The hotels of Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya:

“Donskie Zori”
Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya, 25 a, Lenin Str.
Tel.: +7 (903) 400-46-99; +7 (86353) 23-2-19 

“U Dona”
Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya, 52, Sholokhov Str.
Tel.: +7 (86353) 22-2-87; 22-8-85 

Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya, 17 a, Solnechny Lane
Tel.: +7 (86353) 75-6-00; +7(928) 229-62-43 

Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya, 58 b, Sosnovaya Str.
Tel.: +7(86353) 23-4-11 

Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya, 70, Podtyolkov Str.
Tel.: +7(86353) 24-1-88 

Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya, 1 d, Ippodromny Lane
Tel.: +7(906) 180-86-15 

Sanatorium “Vyoshenskiy”
Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya, Sanatorium Village
Tel.: +7(86353) 21-5-03 

Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya, 56, Sovetskaya Str.
Tel.: +7(903) 436-18-19