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The Stables

Rules of Conduct and Safety Regulations for the Stable Visitors

You will enjoy visiting the stable and communion with the horses if you follow the safety regulations.


- You are forbidden to enter the stable territory without a permit of the employees.
- You should always follow the advice of the stable workers.

When visiting the stable you are prohibited:

- to smoke
- to make noise
- to run, make sudden movements
- to enter the horse stalls without a permission of the stable workers
- to thrust hands into the lattice of the stalls. 

Feeding and taking pictures of the horses are allowed only with a permission  of the stable workers.

Contacting with the horses you should observe the following rules:

1. Before going to the horse in the stall make sure that it is standing with its head towards the exit, otherwise call it by its name and wait for it to turn round to you.

2. Entering the stall don’t make sudden movements, slowly stretch out your hand towards the horse’s head and give it an opportunity to get to know you.

3. Give a treatment to the horse from the open palm.

4. Saddling and unsaddling horses, their withdrawal from the horse stalls are done by the stable worker. You can do it but on his permission.

5. All the instructions of the stable worker must be strictly observed by the visitors when contacting with the horse.

6. A helmet is compulsory for horseback riding.

7. If possible, special clothes and footware are to be worn in equestrian sports. Clothes for riding must be comfortable and rather loose to provide freedom to movements (leggings, a tracksuit). Shoes should have a smooth sole and small heels (boots or shoes with leggings will fit perfectly).

8. Mount the horse from the left side.

9. If you fall off the horse do not let the reins out of your hands.

10. After horseback riding you can dismount only on the command of the stable worker: to the left side having left both the stapes and holding the reins in your hands.

11. Having dismounted take the reins off the horse’s neck, take the horse by the bridle with your right hand, stand by its left shoulder with the end of the reins in your left hand and wait for the stable worker to come and lead the horse away.

- Horseback riding is bound to a high risk of injury.
- In case you neglect the Safety Regulations the Stable employees will not be liable for your health.

We are liable for your safety and hope for your understanding!