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“Sholokhov Source”

In 1999 in the State M.A. Sholokhov Museum-Reserve a regional children’s-youth social movement “Sholokhov Source” was set out, which is joined now by children and adults from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukrain, Byelorussia for studies and popularization of the creative heritage of M.A. Sholokhov, the Don region nature, the Don Cossack traditions.

The movement focuses on:

  • popularization of the creative heritage of M.A. Sholokhov among young people;
  • popularization of the educational mission of the Museum as an institution of culture and educational centre;
  • developing children’s creative activity, emotional and aesthetic senses;
  • studies and realization of ecological, historic, culturological and moral traditions of the past generations;
  • rendering support for educational, children’s, social organizations and enterprises in bringing up civic self-consciousness in the generation of the XXI century.

Annually summer camping rallies of the Sholokhov Source participants are held, which gather young ecologists from different parts of Russia and foreign countries on the bank of the Don.

A peculiar end of the educational and research activity of the Sholokhov Source participants was the children’s and youth’s Scientific conference “Sholokhov Geography: from the Source to the Nobel Triumph”, aimed at drawing attention of schoolchildren to the studies in the life and work of the great writer and to the places connected with his name. The conference proceedings are issued in a separate book.