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Historical and Literary Exhibition “M.A.Sholokhov. Time and Life”

The historical and literary exhibition “M.A.Sholokhov.Time and Life” was opened on the 100th anniversary of the writer. It is located in a two-storey building, which in 1913, was the stanitsa’s administration office, and in 1916–1919, it was a school, where M.A.Sholokhov studied.

The Museum collection, recent literary studies, archive materials available contributed to creating an exhibition unique in its content and design. There are displayed manuscripts, books, photos, letters, documents and fine art works. Separate thematic sections tell about the life and work of the writer.

The visitors can make use of extensive database on the themes of life and work of M.A.Sholokhov in the multimedia section of the exhibition.

The exhibition area provides holding classes, seminars and meetings.

«Тихий Дон»

The beginning of the writing career. The Sholokhovs and the Don country.

Донское казачество – главный герой произведений М.А. Шолохова

The Don Cossacks  is the main hero of Sholokhov’s works.

Начало творческого пути. Шолоховы и донская земля

"And Quiet Flows the Don"


«Поднятая целина»

“Virgin Soil Upturned”.

Великая Отечественная война в творчестве и судьбе М.А.Шолохова.

The Great Patriotic War in the works of Sholokhov.

 Международное признание творчества М.А. Шолохова

World recognition of the art of Sholokhov