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«Steed is the Dearest for Cossack»

Welcome to the Holiday on May 7, 2017!

A literary and ethnographical holiday “Steed is the Dearest for Cossack” (Cossack Martial Arts of Vyoshenskaya) is held annually at the Stables of the Museum-Reserve of M.A.Sholokhov. It is dedicated to the Great Victory Day and the birthday of M.A.Sholokhov. The Cossack and his trusty steed are the heroes of the holiday, and each guest becomes not only a spectator, but also an active participant in the event.

The horse has always occupied a special place in the life of Cossacks: he was an assistant in everyday life, an integral part of military life and a faithful friend. The guests of the holiday will see the beautiful animals kept at the Museum Stables, will learn about the importance of a horse in the life of a Cossack, about the customs and traditions connected with military service and preparation of young Cossacks for it. The visitors can take some training in horse care, try themselves in the role of a dashing horse rider, take part in Cossack martial arts competition and show their strength, boldness, skills of shooting, javelin throwing and wielding a sword and a whip.

The artistic ethnographic performance based on the works by M.A.Sholokhov will transfer the viewers to the beginning of the XX century. They will learn how a conscript was equipped for military service and seen off to defend his native land, will visit a field Cossack camp as described in the novel “And Quiet Flows the Don” by M.A.Sholokhov, will see episodes of the great novel, will hear Cossack songs performed by the folklore groups.

The audience will be brightly impressed with a show of exciting horse racing, horse jumping, fancy riding, Cossack battle arts, Cossack attack having no barriers, wielding a sword and a lance. The brave horsemen show difficult acrobatic elements: drive two and three horses at the same time, jump over the burning obstacles, demonstrate mastery wielding of weapons: sword, lance and rifle.

During the holiday one can have a ride on horseback, pony and in a carriage, take part in the interactive activities and master-classes, taste camp porridge from the field kitchen, have a photo taken for memory and buy souvenirs.

This is an outdoor holiday, so you should have comfortable footwear and a hat on.

The Museum Stables is located in: 1, Aerodromnaya Str., Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya (outside the stanitsa).

To order excursions: by telephone: +7(86353) 23-4-01; 21-0-62;

by e-mail: tourism@sholokhov.ru