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Event Сalendar

The National M.A.Sholokhov Museum-Reserve invites you to join the events taking place in the homeland of the great writer.

2017 is the Year of Ecology in Russia


The first decade of January Christmas gatherings (People’s House, Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya)

The first decade of January Exhibition “I was Happy Here…” devoted to the work of M.Y.Lermontov (Sholokhov-Centre, Rostov-on-Don)

12–15 January Participation in the international tourist exhibition “Ferien-Messe Wien” (exhibition centre “Messe Wien”, Vienna, Austria).

25 January–2 April Exhibition “Here the Genius Lived …” Literary Places of Russia. For the 100th Anniversary of Painter Boris Shcherbakov” (Sholokhov-Centre, Rostov-on-Don)

27 January–8 March Exhibition “Sholokhov’s Personages in Cinema” (People’s House, Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya)

January–February International competition of research works of the participants in the Children and Youth Environmental Movement “Sholokhov Source”


14 February “Literary Salon” (Sholokhov-Centre, Rostov-on-Don)

17 February–14 May Exhibition “The Fate of a Man is the Fate of the People” (Belgorod State Historical and Art Museum-Diorama “Battle of Kursk. Belgorod Direction”, Belgorod)

21 February Memory Day of M.A.Sholokhov

29 February–24 April Exhibition “The Don. Sholokhov. Russia” (Belgorod Literary Museum, Belgorod)


3 March–10 October Exhibition “Mikhail Sholokhov is a Glorifier of the Don Nature” (People’s House, Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya)

17 March–28 May Exhibition “The Peoples of the Crimea” (People’s House, Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya)

21 March–20 April Exhibition “The Fate of a Man is the Fate of the People” (Kashary Local History Museum, Kashary Village the Rostov Region)

11–13 March The Museum participation in the International tourist exhibition “Intourmarket” (Crocus Expo, Moscow)

14–16 March The Museum-Reserve participation in the Moscow International exhibition “Travelling and Tourism” MITT (Expocentre, Moscow)

24 March–9 July Exhibition “The Don. Sholokhov. Russia” (National Museum of the Chechen Republic, Grozny)

31 March–1 April The Museum participation in the International Tourism Festival “Boundless World” (VertolExpo, Rostov-on-Don)


5–11 April Creative competition for schoolchildren “Our Sholokhov” (Children Museum Centre, Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya)

14 April–18 June Exhibition “Among the People Close to Me …and Others…” (The life and work of I.S.Turgenev) (Sholokhov-Centre, Rostov-on-Don)

17–27 April Exhibition “The World of Sholokhov” (Russian Centre of Science and Culture, Rome, Italy)

The third decade of April Spring Environmental Week (Forest Park of People’s Friendship, near Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya)

April–May Virtual contest for schoolchildren “I Can’t Live without Nature…” dedicated to the Year of Ecology in Russia 


7 May Literary ethnographic holiday “Steed is the Dearest for Cossack” (Cossack martial arts of Vyoshenskaya) (The Stables of the Museum-Reserve, Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya)

9 May Victory Day. Ceremony of laying flowers to the memorial “Oath”

18 May International Museum Day. All the Museum sites are available for free, as well as thematic lectures, museum activities and master-classes are offered

20–21 May “Night of Museums” (Sholokhov-Centre, Rostov-on-Don)

26 May Opening the permanent exhibition “At the Outset of Cinematograph” (The farmstead of T.A.Karghin, Stanitsa Karghinskaya)

26 May Holiday “Children’s Sholokhov Spring” dedicated to M.A.Sholokhov and to the Year of Ecology in Russia (Stanitsa Karghinskaya)

26-28 May All-Russian literary and folklore holiday “Sholokhov Spring” dedicated to the birthday of M.A.Sholokhov. National Award Grand-Prix in event tourism


9 June–10 September Exhibition “The World of Moscow Countryside Homestead” (People’s House, Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya)

30 June–24 September Exhibition “Travelling Around the World” (Sholokhov-Centre, Rostov-on-Don)


The first decade of July The II Round of the Children and Youth Environmental Movement “Sholokhov Source” (Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya, Lebyazhensky Village)


8 August–12 November Exhibition “The Don. Sholokhov. Russia” (Moscow State Joint Artistic Historical Architectural and Natural Landscape Museum-Reserve, Moscow)


3 September Literary Ethnographic holiday “Kruzhilin Toloki”. Grand-Prix of the National Award nomination in Event Tourism (Cossack farmstead of the late XIX–early XX century, Kruzhilin Village)

The first half of September International Scientific and Practical Conference “Modern Studies in the Work of M.A.Sholokhov: Problems, Concepts and Approaches” (“Sholokhov Readings”) (People’s House, Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya)

20–23 September The Museum participation in the International Tourist Forum “Rest” (Expocentre, Moscow)

22 September–19 October Exhibition “Russian Watercolour Portrait of the XIX Century from “Ostankino” Museum Collection” (People’s House, Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya)

The third decade of September “Autumn Environmental Week” (Forest Park of People’s Friendship, near Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya)

September–December Exhibition “With Rifle and Lyre” (State Museum of A.S.Pushkin, Moscow)


6 October–3 December Exhibition “Four Lives of A.P.Chekhov” (Sholokhov-Centre, Rostov-on-Don)

8 October Literary ethnographic holiday “Karghin Fair on Intercession Days” (The farmstead of T.A.Karghin, Stanitsa Karghinskaya)

9–19 October Exhibition “The World of Sholokhov and His Personages” (Russian Centre of Science and Culture, Delhi, India)

20 October–25 February, 2018 Exhibition “In All Dresses You are Nice, My Dear!” (People’s House, Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya)


3–4 November “Night of Arts” (Sholokhov-Centre, Rostov-on-Don)

The First decade of November Competition for schoolchildren “One Day in Museum” (exhibitions in the Museum-Reserve of Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya)

The last decade of November Interactive program “The Whole Family Goes to Museum”

30 November–28 February 2018 Exhibition “Cossacks in the World of an Artist” (People’s House, Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya)


15 December–14 March 2018 Exhibition “I was Smart Enough to Live My Life So Silly”. For the 120th Anniversary of Faina Ranevskaya (Sholokhov-Centre, Rostov-on-Don)

20–29 December New Year theatrical performances for children (People’s House, Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya).