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Event Сalendar

The National M.A.Sholokhov Museum-Reserve is the winner of the Grand Prix National Award in the field of event tourism “Russian Event Awards” in the nomination “The Best Area for Holding Tourist Events. Museum Complexes”, a laureate of the national award “Tour Industry Leader” and the national tourist prize named after Yury Senkevich.

We invite you to join the events taking place in the homeland of the great writer.


Year of Theatre in Russia
The 35th Anniversary of the Foundation of the National M.A.Sholokhov Museum-Reserve
Year of the Rostov Region Folk Art



July 8  Day of Family, Love and Fidelity

July 11 Day of Foundation of the Museum-Reserve of M.A.Sholokhov

July  Summer educational practice “Vyoshki” for school students of Rostov-on-Don (Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya)


August 2 –October 27  Exhibition “Pray for Your Children, the Quiet Don!…” (The State War and History Museum-Reserve “Prokhorovskoye Pole”, Prokhorovka Village)

August 14  – September 14  Exhibition “The Study and World of the Writer” (the Voronezh Regional I.S.Nikitin Literary Museum, Voronezh)

August 24 All-Russian action “Night of Cinema” (Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya, Rostov-on-Don)


September 1 Day of Knowledge in Sholokhov Museum (Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya, Rostov-on-Don)

September 8  Literary ethnographic holiday “Kruzhilin Toloki” (Cossack Farmstead of the late XIX–early XX centuries, Kruzhilin Village)

September 20 – December 1 Exhibition “The Orient. Another Beauty” (“Sholokhov-Centre”, Rostov-on-Don)

September 21 – November 4  Exhibition “The Study and World of the Writer” (The Samara M.Gorky Literary Memorial Museum, Samara)

September 23 –27  Autumn Environmental Week (Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya)

September 27, 2019 – May 10, 2020  Exhibition “I am Fond of Travelling around the World…” (“People’s House”, Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya)

September International Scientific and Practical Conference “Modern Studies in the Work of M.A.Sholokhov: Problems, Concepts, Approaches” (“Sholokhov Readings”)


October 6  Literary ethnographic holiday “Karghin Fair on Intercession Days” (Farmstead of T.A.Karghin, Stanitsa Karghinskaya)

October 8 – 10  The VII International scientific and practical conference “Museum-Reserve: Environment and Culture” (Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya)

October 18 – December 15  Exhibition “…Brothers, Do not Judge Your Brother…” (The State S.A.Yesenin Museum-Reserve, Konstantinovo Village)

October 25 – November 10  Exhibition “The World of Sholokhov: Don Cossacks” ( Russian Centre of Science and Culture, Edinburgh, Scotland)

October 25, 2019 – May 10, 2020  Exhibition “I am Happy to Live among Such People” (“People’s House”, Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya)


November 3  All-Russian cultural and educationbal action “Night of Arts” (Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya, Rostov-on-Don)

November 10  The IX open city educational youth scientific and practical conference “Sholokhov Readings” (“Sholokhov-Centre”, Rostov-on-Don)


December 1 Inclusive action “Museum for Everyone” (Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya, Rostov-on-Don)

December 5  “Volunteer Day” (“Sholokhov-Centre”, Rostov-on-Don)

December 13, 2019 – February 23, 2020  Exhibition “The History of Saint Isaac's Cathedral” (“Sholokhov-Centre”, Rostov-on-Don)

December 13, 2019 – January 13, 2020  Exhibition “Happy New Year!” (The Estate of M.A.Sholokhov, Stanitsda Vyoshenskaya)

December  Museum workshops for schoolchildren “New Year in the Sholokhovs’ Family” (Children Museum Centre, Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya)


Published : 15.12.2015  09:23     Updated: 19.03.2019 10:01