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The Staff

|History of Establishing
|Code of Ethics

Sholokhov Alexander Mikhailovich
tel/fax +7(86353) 21-3-77
e-mail: sholokhov@sholokhov.ru

The First Deputy Director
Sukovatov Viktor Vasiliyevich
tel. +7(86353) 21-2-77

Deputy Director and Chief Curator
Razogreyeva Lyudmila Petrovna
tel. +7(86353) 22-1-61, 24-5-17

Deputy Director for Environmental and Rational Use of Nature
Turchin Taras Yaroslavovich
tel. +7(86353) 24-1-52
e-mail: landshaft_otdel@mail.ru

Deputy Director for Museum Development
Dyomin Yury Nikolayevich
Tel/fax: +7(86353) 21-8-52

Deputy Director for Construction and Restoration Works
Gribanova Tamara Petrovna
tel. +7(86353) 22-9-64
e-mail: tp-don@mail.ru

Deputy Director for Security
Pasenko Vladimir Ilyich
tel. +7(86353) 24-5-05
e-mail: vladimirpasenko@mail.ru

Chief Accountant
Dyomina Elena Ivanovna
tel/fax: +7(86353) 21-6-39, 22-4-84
e-mail: musbuchgalter@gmail.com

Scientific Secretary of the Museum
Akolzina Lora Alexandrovna
tel. +7(86353) 24-5-14
e-mail: lora57@list.ru

Head of the Department “The Estate of M.A.Sholokhov”
Sholokhova Valentina Ismailovna
tel. +7(86353) 21-9-66

Head of the Scientific Exposition Department
Tolstopyatenko Elena Mikhailovna
tel. +7(86353)21-8-46
e-mail: expo@veshki.donpac.ru

Head of the Department of Collection Development
Tishchenko Nataliya Mikhailovna
tel/fax: +7(86353)22-8-70

Head of the Tour Department
Bulavina Ekaterina Alexandrovna
tel/fax: +7(86353) 21-0-62
e-mail: tourism@veshki.donpac.ru

Head of the Department of Historical and Memorial Exhibitions (Stanitsa Karghinskaya)
Donskov Pyotr Yakovlevich
tel. +7(86382)34-4-38

Head of the Department of Conservation and Restoration of Monuments of History and Culture
Shchebunyayev Vladimir Ivanovich
tel/fax: +7(86353)22-2-63

Head of the Department for the memorial Landscape and Environmental Monitoring
Sivtsov Serghei Alexandrovich
tel. +7(86353)24-1-77
e-mail: landshaft_otdel@mail.ru

Head of the Department of Youth Programs
Popova Marina Fyodorovna
tel/fax: +7(86353)23-7-99
e-mail: otdelmolodyozhi.programm@yandex.ru

Head of the Information Department
Bakhtiyarova Olga Ivanovna
tel. +7(86353)24-5-14
e-mail: olga-bahtiyarova@mail.ru

Head of the Department of Public Events
Galitsyna Tatiyana Vladimirovna
tel. +7(86353)23-1-00
e-mail: dydarevka73@yandex.ru

Head of the Department of Landscape Art
Shevtsova Alla Vladimirovna
tel. +7(86353)24-1-77
e-mail: landshaft_otdel@mail.ru

Head of the Organizational and Legal Department
Anistratenko Olga Alexandrovna
tel. +7(86353)24-5-12
e-mail: anistratenko.2012@yandex.ru