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Contest of Student Research Projects


The Museum-Reserve of M.A.Sholokhov announces a contest of student research projects “Literary Landscapes is the Cultural Heritage of the Nation” within the framework of the XIX Rally of Children and Youth Environmental Movement “Sholokhov Source”. The students of secondary schools, institutions of additional education and members of the children’s public associations of Russia and near foreign countries are invited to take part in the contest. 

on the International Correspondence Contest of  Student Research Projects within the framework of the XIX Rally of the Children and Youth Environmental Movement "Sholokhov Source"

1.General Provisions

The XIX rally of the children and youth environmental movement “Sholokhov Source” is held to promote the literary heritage of M.A.Sholokhov, other writers and poets, the environmental, patriotic, physical education and to develop a careful attitude of the younger generation to the environment.

The rally is held in 2 stages:

Stage 1 – a correspondence contest of research projects (September 2017–January 2018);

Stage 2 – International Round (The RF subjects, near and far foreign countries) (February – May 2018).


2.The Contest Organizers

The National M.A.Sholokhov Museum-Reserve, the Rostov Region Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Sholokhov District Administration, Non-Governmental V.Vernadsky Environmental Foundation. 

3. Members of the Correspondence Contest of Student Research Projects 

The National M.A.Sholokhov Museum-Reserve

The Rostov Region Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

The Sholokhov District Administration

The Non-Governmental V.I.Vernadsky Environmental Foundation 

3. Research Project Contestants on Correspondence 

3.1. The contest can be joined by the projects made by the students of secondary schools, additional education institutions, members of the children public associations of Russia and near foreign countries on submission of “Contestant Applicaton” (Annex 1).

3.2. The age of the contestants – 14–17. 

4. Thematics of the Correspondence Contest of Student Research Projects 

4.1. Developing the theme of the contest of student research projects “Literary Landscapes is a Cultural Heritage of the Nation” the contestants are supposed to cover the literary landscapes described in the works of the home and foreign classics. 

4.2. Nominations:

  • Literary Landscapes of Russia, Countries of Europe and Asia.
  • Preservation of Cultural and Natural Heritage of Russia for Sustainable Development.
  • Merging of Nature and Culture in the Literary Landscape.
  • Literary Forests, Parks and Squares.
  • Competition “Land-Art “Pearl of Eurasia” (obligatory for those taking part in the correspondence contest for the first time). 

5. Requirements for the Works 

5.1. One research project from the institution is accepted for the contest. The work can be written individually or in a group (no more than 3 authors) in accordance with the contest nominations. 

5.2. The scope of the work is no more than 7 pages of a typewritten text (bibliography and illustrations are not included in the scope, but estimated). 

5.3. The works are accepted until 31 January, 2018, filling in the form (Annex 1).

5.4. Design of the Research Work: the title page should bear the surname and name of the author, place of study, the theme of the project, the surname, first name and middle name, place of job and position of the supervisor, the address with a postal code and a contact telephone. The work is submitted in a typewritten and electronic forms (Times New Roman font, 14, line spacing 1.5). 

6. Requirements for Participation in the Competition “Land-Art “Pearl of Eurasia” 

The Museum-Reserve of M.A.Sholokhov creates an environmental and literary forest park “Pearl of Eurasia”, which includes 100 personal plots (50 regions of Russia and 50 leading states of Europe and Asia). Area prevailing arbor species are planted in each of the personal plots. The park is laid out in land-art style (wattle fences, hay, straw, reeds, wooden articles, stones and other natural materials).

A literary element of each region in the forest park is associated with the life and work of poets and writers, who made a great contribution in the development of the world literature. For example, in the plot of the Tula Region we can see a reconstructed analog of the favourite birch wooden bench of L.N.Tolstoy; in the plot of the Pskov Region, the homeland of A.S.Pushkin, an elm-tree is planted to be trimmed later in the form of “spades” suggesting an association with the lines of the poet’s "The Queen of Spades". Spain will be represented by a wooden wind mill similar to that described by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra in his famous novel “Don Quixote”, etc. All the presented landscape compositions on the plots will be added with quotations of the classics and will become incentive for the visitors to turn to the great works.

We ask the contestants to suggest their ideas which will help to convey a versatile personality of one of the greatest writers of their region through one of his famous works using a sketch or drawing and a brief explanatory note.


Criteria for Evaluation:

  • conformity to the style;
  • originality of the idea presented;
  • simplicity in making the future composition;
  • citation.
  1. Evaluation of the Research Works

7.1. The Jury:

Jury Chairman: Turchin Taras Yaroslavovich, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Deputy Director of the Museum-Reserve of M.A.Sholokhov for Environment and Rational Land Use;

Members of the Jury:

Avgusmanova Tatyana Valeryevna, Cand. of Pedagogical Sciences, member of the Scientific Council for the Problems of Environmental Education at the RAO Presidium, head of educational programs and projects of the V.Vernadsky Foundation;

Turchina Oksana Grigoryevna, a senior researcher;

Kharitonova Yevgeniya Ottovna, a senior researcher;

Korobova Yana Valeryevna, a researcher;

Pichuyeva Galina Vasilyevna, ajunior researcher;

Pyatikova Svetlana Ivanovna, a specialist in educational work.


7.2.The contest juryevaluates the materials in accordance with the competition requirements and determines the winners.


 Evaluation Criteria of the Entries:


o   novelty of the study – from 6 to 10 points;

o   relevance of the topic – from 5 to 8 points;

o   own research experience– from 6 to10 points;

o   consistency of presentation – from 3 to 5 points;

o   meaningfulness of the work – from 6 to 10 points;

o   the work literacy– from 4 to 7 points;

o   the material used (literature: scientific/educational, video, Internet source, etc.) – from 3 to 5 points;

o   the work design (the titlepage, execution technique, illustrations) – from 3 to 5 points;

                    The maximum is 60 points.


8. Winner's Reward 

8.1. The contest winners are awarded the Diploma of the Laureate of the I–III degrees, and presents. The authors of the most interesting works not included in the list of the winners will receive the title of the Contest Laureate. 

8.2. The supervisors of the winners’ contest works will be marked by the Letter of Thanks of the Organizing Committee. 

8.3. The teams of the educational institutions, which contestants became the winners of the correspondence contest are invited for the I Round of the XIX Rally of the movement “Sholokhov Source”. 

9. Contact Address and Telephone:

The works and proposals for the contest are sent to:
National M.A.Sholokhov Museum-Reserve, 41, R.Luxemburg, Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya, the Sholokhov District of the Rostov Region, Russia, 346270.
E-mail: landshaft_otdel@mail.ru. Tel. 8(863-53)24-1-77

Pyatikova Svetlana Ivanovna, specialist for educational work;
Sukhareva Mariya Nikolayevna, specialist for educational work;



                                                                                                        Annex 1

of the Participant in the International Correspondence Contest of Research Projects of the XIX Rally of the Children and Youth Environmental Movement “Sholokhov Source”


Surname, name, middle name                                                                                                      
Age of the contestant  
Surname, name, middle name of the supervisor (in full form)  
Place of job, position, contact telephone and e-mail of the supervisor  
Full name of the educational institution  
Address of the educational institution  
Contact telephones and e-mail of the institution  
Date of filling in an application