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Chekhov Visiting Sholokhov


The National M.A.Sholokhov Museum-Reserve presented to the residents and guests of the Rostov Region a Russian intermuseum project “Four Lives of Chekhov” on September 14, 2017, in Sholokhov-Centre (Rostov-on-Don).

The project, which has become a visiting card of the Rostov Region, was joined by five museums: the Taganrog State Literary and Historical Architectural Museum-Reserve; the Taganrog Art Museum; the Crimean Literary and Art Memorial Museum-Reserve; the State Literary Memorial Museum-Reserve of A.P.Chekhov “Melikhovo”; the State Museum of V.I.Dal Russian Literary History.

For the second century, literature, dramaturgy, the world theatre, cinematograph have been under the influence of the work of A.P.Chekhov. A.A.Rezvanov, the Rostov Region Minister of culture, opening the exhibition underlined that A.P.Chekhov is the significant figure in the world culture and a literary brand of the Rostov Region. According to the Minister, opening such an exhibition is the great gift not only for the guests of the Region anniversary event, but also a unique present for the Rostovites on their City Day.

A guest of honour, Inna Yuryevna Svyatenko, Deputy of the Moscow City Duma, greeted the project participants and the Museum guests, and wished the exhibition to be successful and interesting for the visitors.

The exhibition opening ceremony was joined by the representatives of all the museums – the participants of the exhibition. E.V.Lipovenko, Director of the Taganrog State Literary and Historical Architectural Museum-Reserve, a curator of the exhibition, introduced other guests of honour: Yevgeniya Filippovna Chekhova, a representative of Chekhov’s family, Valentina Avramovna Malysheva, Director of the Sakhalin Universal Scientific Library. Zoya Fyodorovna Vysotskaya, a worker of the Taganrog State Literary and Historical Architectural Museum-Reserve, told the guests about the childhood, youth and life of the writer in Taganrog.

Ernest Dmitriyevich Orlov, Deputy Director of the State V.I.Dal Museum of the Russian Literature History, greeting the guests told about the Moscow period of the life of Chekhov, about the writer’s travel to the Island of Sakhalin, thanked all the museum colleagues, the project members, for the successful teamwork and hoped the exhibition to live a long life travelling across the country.

The main curator of the State Literary Memorial Museum-Reserve of A.P.Chekhov “Melikhovo”, Kseniya Abramovna Chaikovskaya, wished good health to the guests, prosperity to the region and the city, and showed the exhibition “The Seventh Anniversary of Melikhovo” to the guests.

Lina Alexandrovna Titorenko, Deputy Director of the Crimean Literary and Art Memorial Museum-Reserve, greeted the visitors and showed an excursion around the exhibition section devoted to the last stage in the writer’s life in Yalta, the Crimea.

Olga Alexandrovna Anistratenko, Director of the National M.A.Sholokhov Museum-Reserve, opening the exhibition “Four Lives of Chekhov” noted that along with the large-scale Russian museum project “Four Lives of Chekhov” a new project “Cultural Heritage” of the Museum and the Educational Department of Rostov-on-Don starts. It is directed to the social partnership of which a basic school is in Rostov-on-Don secondary school 87.

The exhibition opening ceremony was followed by the performance of the municipal choir “Lik” (Image) directed by Alexander Loginov from Taganrog. The performance of the choir impressed the audience with its depth, richness and polyphony.

The exhibition “Four Lives of Chekhov” will run in Sholokhov-Centre during September 14 –December 3, 2017.


Natalya Kazinskaya