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“Russian Seasons” in Japan


In anticipation of the cross Year of Russia and Japan in 2017, a large-scale cultural project “Russian Seasons” in Japan” are for the first time held on the order of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The project is aimed at introducing the unique Russian culture to the foreign public.

“Russian Seasons” will present to the Japanese people the best performances of the leading Russian drama and musical theatres famous all over the world, modern musical performing art, unique exhibitions of the well-known Russian museums, festivals of cinema and circus art.

The project includes participation of the National M.A.Sholokhov Museum-Reserve, which prepares a literary and ethnographic cultural exhibition project “The World of Sholokhov” including a set of the cultural and educational events.

Japanese people will see a photo exhibition telling about the work of the Nobel Prize winner M.A.Sholokhov and the Don country, ethnographic exhibition showing the features of Cossack culture and traditions, will taste traditional Cossack dishes and visit “Literary Salon” to listen to the audio recording of Sholokhov’s reading the final part of the novel “And Quiet Flows the Don” and to a “living” reading of the classic’s works in Russian and Japanese performed by the well-known figures of culture and public members.

Such cooperation will contribute to consolidation and development of the Russian–Japanese cultural relations, spreading Russian literature and creative heritage of M.A.Sholokhov, and boosting the attractiveness of Sholokhov country for tourists.


Olga Bakhtiyarova
Yelena Tolstopyatenko